Read What The Audiences Say!

"What a sweet sound!  Saxophones blending with catchy arrangements are lovely listening.  The classic jazz tunes are well served in this group's performances."

- David H. Young , D.M.A., Principal bass, Los Angeles Opera Orchestra.


"The Verve Saxophone Quartet displayed the astonishing range of sounds and moods of which the saxophone is capable."

- Phil Dunham, Palos Verdes Country Club.


"The Verve Saxophone Quartet played with excitement and interesting, intense dynamics. Their diverse repertoire and their brilliant treatment of the tunes really made the concert a night to remember."

- Steve DeLuca, Palos Verdes, Ca.


"The group's beautiful harmonic arrangements and diverse selection of songs really made for a wonderful evening of music. They played with a smoothness and at the same time, an assertive and deliberate style. The melodies featured all of the four saxophones at different times, sometimes being passed around to all four within the same song......always a first rate performance".

Frank Barrazza, Public Services, City Of Costa Mesa, California.